It Department

IT department at a glance

Legrand,Leoni and Calwatt offical representative :

-Supplier of switches and  industrial copper cables .Also, fiber-optic with special coatings such as PVC, LSOH, PE, Steel Armode and fire resistant cables from 90-30 minutes for particular environments (tunnels and underground paths and places), secondary equipment and all inactive accessories of computer networks.Variety of trunking, socket, pryz, intelligent building systems, low voltage equipment, etc.

-Providing comprehensive structured cabling solutions in accordance with international standards.

-Consulting, designing and installing computer networks such as Wan, Man, Lan.

-Consulting, designing, installing and launching data center projects under the license of Germany’s Schnabel.

-Providing active network accessories based on Cisco equipments.

 -Consulting, designing, planning and launching electrical projects.

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