Rivatadbir company is an international engineering – trading company, which is supported by 25 years of experience of their managers and using last innovation of IT.

In trading field, Rivatadbir is one of the most famous companies in this country, with the aim of acquiring developments & providing power of technical acknowledgements of engineering for Iran. Rivatadbir finds essential sources for Iranian products. To achieve company’s goal the central office in Dubai as a trading center in the Middle-East market, gives a great possibility to afford better engineering services. At the same time Tehran office, besides it’s six other famous leading companies is providing a reliable service to help the industry of the country.

The Departments of Rivatadbir are as follows:

  • IT Department
  • Steel Industry Department
  • Oil Industry Department
  • Commercial Department

Rivatadbir empowered by experienced, high skilled and professionals in the related fields inside and outside the country is able to provide the best engineering – trading services with the highest quality. We are honored to name the main services and abilities of Rivatadbir.

Partner companies

review costs line with lower oil prices, according to an executive of V.Ships Offshore.